Parents are told about KATC based on bits and pieces of info given to you by your teen!  We are here to help!!!  When your teen approaches you regarding KATC they often have their own agenda, and they fail to give you all of the CORRECT information!  They often give you information based on what they HEARD from other kids, and that information is rarely accurate!!! They often say KATC is very expensive, and usually, the perception is due to the quality of images, and top-notch experience we deliver.

KATC is well-versed in what all tweens/teens want, and we also know what parents EXPECT.  Photo sessions are tailored to each client, for a personalized experience.   Sessions typically begin at $400 regardless of the number of participants. Call the studio directly at 312-265-6024 to discuss booking a photo session that we can tailor directly to your needs!