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Occasionally we conduct model calls when we are working on a project. These model calls seldom happen. If you have seen a model call posted on our Instagram ( @kidsandthecity) or on our Facebook page, please fill this form out, and EMAIL a current picture ( it does not have to be a professional picture) to Your submission will be ignored unless a picture is submitted directly after your submission. 

At KATC, we accept and prefer submissions of ALL nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.  You do NOT need to be a professional model in order to be considered.

If you are filling this form out, and you are NOT answering a model call that was recently posted on our Facebook or Instagram pages, please understand that we MAY look at your submission, but there is no guarantee.

Teens, please make sure you've talked with your parent or guardian before submitting. We do NOT want to be placed in a position where we must convince your parent to let you take part. If parents have any questions, we definitely welcome them to email us with any questions or concerns.  Your parent can use the contact form, or they can type in