Due to our unusually large following of tweens and teen across the US, as well as major designers who enjoy our editorial work, incorporating a print magazine appeared to be a natural progression. At KATC, we are at the forefront of what every tween/teen wants regarding fashion and lifestyle. We embody fashion and lifestyle for the regular tween/teen. Our magazine showcases tweens and teens that aren't professional models but are kids that are just like you. They are young teens that love fashion and love to take pictures. They love fashion, and they love showcasing THEIR life. Teens want to see kids that are just like they are. We will showcase the very high fashion, as well as some of the unknown brands that teens may not have heard of, but we are certain they would love.

We will connect them to boutiques across the globe that carry the items that they LOVE.

You're never too young to have a voice, and the KATC magazine will give you that opportunity to showcase that voice. For more information, visit the website at www.katcmagazine.com