Many kids ask for a KATC photo session for their birthday. KATC has had the pleasure of having groups of up to 16 teens at the studio for a photo session! If your teen asks for a KATC photo session for their birthday, and they would like to bring a bunch of their friends, just call the studio to set up a date.  These sessions always take place at the studio. 

The best way to make it easy on everyone is to find out a day that works best for all of the teens. Many parents rent a party bus, and they drive into the city. After the photo session, they take all the girls out to dinner.

At the KATC studio, we do not offer "cake and ice cream".  However, you can bring that if you would like! We will provide a top notch experience that your tween/teen and their friends would never forget. 

We capture plenty of "Instagram-worthy" images, as well as pictures that parents love. The teens also have free reign of the famous KATC Snapchat account! Everyone that they know from every school in the area follows our KATC Snapchat account, and they can watch their Snapchat story as they have their photo session about town. The teens LOVE this.

The best birthday party photo shoots happen with groups that can be as large as 10, but no smaller than 6. When the group is much bigger than ten people, it starts to impact the experience that so many of the teens love and expect. Because of that, we firmly suggest capping the group at 10. Although we can schedule a location photo shoot with a group that consists of 6-8 teens, groups larger than this must take place at the KATC studio so that we can ensure we have enough space and proper lighting.